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1. Includes Core and Exit information in one data structure.
2. V2.0 is Wave 2 of the original HRS Study re-packaged in standard HRS format.
N: 11,596 Field Dates: Apr 1994 – Dec 1994 Response Rate: 89.10% Latest Release: Sep 2004 (Final V2.0)
Entry Cohort Info:
HRS: Original R born between 1931-41
Basic Information:
Online Questionnaire Data Description Codebook Modules


(2005-05-24)    Documentation Errata: HRS 1994 Imputation File (Version 3.0): Merging H94I_KID with W2KIDS
(2005-04-12)    Documentation Errata: Additional Codes for W2E Variables
(2004-10-07)    Data File W2PARS Replaced
(2001-10-24)    Documentation of Person Numbers for 1992 and HRS 1994 Obsolete (1994)

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