Administrative Supplement: Enhancing Pension Data Files

This data product was contributed by Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier, and Nahid Tabatabai. There are four packages prepared for distribution to the HRS user community; each consists of documentation and accompanying code or data files. The data files and code files are being made available to HRS users as a researcher contribution. The packages are:

  1. Pension Data Documentation for Table Data: Pensions in the Health and Retirement Study - 1992 to 2006
  2. Pension Wealth Data Files: 1992 to 2006
  3. Updated Pension Wealth Data Files in the HRS Panel: 1992 to 2006.
  4. Disposition of Pension Data Files: 1992 to 2006

HRS did not produce these files and thus can not support them, nor be responsible for their content or use. They are provided here as a service to the research community. This product can be downloaded from the HRS Public File Download Area.

Latest ReleaseJan 2013 (Ver 1.0)
Entry Cohort InfoHRS; CODA; WB; EBB
Datasets UsedHRS: 1992-1996, HRS, War Baby, EBB: 1998-2006
AuthorsA. Gustman, T. Steinmeier, N. Tabatabai
Data AlertsNone reported for this product