2015 Life History Mail Survey

The 2015 HRS Life History Mail Survey contains questions about residential history from birth to age 50 and about educational history and experiences of HRS participants. In December 2015, questionnaires were mailed to 11,256 eligible HRS respondents. The sample included 11,256 HRS participants who completed their most recent core interview in English and were not assigned to receive the Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS). The selected individuals comprise a random sample of all English-speaking participants in HRS who were still living and in the sample at the end of the 2014 core wave. As of June, 2016, a small number of questionnaires are still being returned and data processing is underway. The preliminary simple response rate for the 2015 HRS Life History Mail Survey is 59 percent.

Field DatesDec 2015 – current
Response Rate58.6%
Latest ReleaseTBD (TBD)
Entry Cohort InfoAll
Data AlertsNone reported for this product

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