Prescription Drug Study (PDS) 2007

The HRS 2007 Prescription Drug Study (PDS) is the second wave of a multi-wave mail survey designed to track changes in prescription drug utilization as Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit administered by Medicare, is phased in. The baseline wave, administered in 2005, was intended to capture prescription drug use, coverage, and satisfaction prior to the implementation of Medicare Part D, as well as awareness of the new drug benefit and available subsidies. The second wave was designed to capture similar information post-implementation. An additional follow-up was administered in 2009 (the HRS 2009 Health and Well-Being Study).

The original sample for the PDS was drawn from respondents to HRS 2004. The study sample included HRS respondents born in 1942 or earlier (65th birthday in 2007), or already covered by Medicare or Medicaid at some time between 2002 and 2004. Respondents interviewed by proxy, and those in nursing homes were eligible for inclusion. The sample for the 2007 wave of the PDS consisted of everyone from the original 2005 sample who responded to either PDS 2005 or gave a core HRS interview in 2006 and was not known to be deceased at the beginning of the field period.

A total of 3,536 returned questionnaires or completed a telephone interview, for a response rate of 74%.

The HRS 2007 Prescription Drug Study was funded by the National Institute on Aging through a competing supplement to the Health and Retirement Study.

The Health and Retirement Study strives to provide high quality data without compromising respondent confidentiality. Since respondent health data records contain particularly sensitive information, such data products are released to researchers who qualify for access only through a supplemental registration system. Users who were approved for previous versions of this sensitive health data product can download newer versions using the same password. First-time users should proceed with the application instructions on the Sensitive Health Data page.

Field DatesOct 2007 – Sep 2008
Response Rate74.0
Latest ReleaseMar 2011 (Final V1.0)
Entry Cohort InfoAll
Data AlertsNone reported for this product