2007 Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS)

CAMS 2007 is the fourth wave of the Consumption and Activities Mail Survey that began in 2001. The sample for the 2007 CAMS sample was configured in the same way as 2005 CAMS; therefore, there is a "full" questionnaire as well as a "partial" questionnaire. In the fall of 2007, a total of 7,741 questionnaires were mailed. Of the 7,741 questionnaires, 5,209 were respondent questionnaires and 2,532 were spouse questionnaires. A total of 5,612 questionnaires were returned, and of these, 3,738 were the respondent version and 1,874 were the spouse version.

Field DatesSep 2007 – Dec 2007
Response Rate72.5 % (not adjusted for mortality or undeliverable questionnaires)
Latest ReleaseJul 2008 (Final V1.0)
Data AlertsNone reported for this product