Data Products » Restricted Data Product List » 2004 Permissions: Supplemental Security Income [Respondent; Deceased Spouse]

This data set is derived from data elements directly moved from the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) master file and is is based on permissions received from HRS respondents during the 2004 interviewing year. The SSR master file maintains information on all persons who have ever applied for Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and persons who, prior to the implementation of the federal SSI program in 1974, received state benefits and were converted to the SSI program Title XVI is a needs-based program that provides cash assistance to the elderly, the blind, and the disabled.

N: Respondents and Deceased Spouses: 2070 (HRS=1499, AHEAD=30, CODA=80, War Baby=73, EBB=388)
Product Type: SSA Administrative Data
Entry Cohort Info: All
Latest Release: June 2006 (v1.1)


Geographic information in HRS public release data sets is recoded to Census Division categories. Files derived from SSA administrative data may merged with these data sets, but may not be merged with any data containing geographic identifiers at a level of detail below Census Division. In addition, data sets derived from SSA administrative data may not be merged with any other restricted data set(s) without the explicit written permission of the Health and Retirement Study.

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