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The HRS Cross-Year NDI Cause of Death File is a cumulative record of deaths based on finder files submitted to NCHS containing the names of HRS respondents from all entry cohorts who were:

  • Flagged as deceased in the Tracker file after completion of data processing for the latest biennial survey OR
  • Whose death status was not known at the time of creation AND
  • Who were not found in any previous NDI search.

HRS Finder File Submission Summary

Submission year:Deaths prior to the end of:
1996 1995
2002 2000
2005 2002
2006 2004
2008 2006
2011 2008
2013 2011

This update to the NDI Cause of Death File is based on a finder file created at the end of the 2010-2011 interviewing period. Note that the NCHS matching process can yield a variable number of potential matches. Using a probabilistic matching procedure, NCHS identifies as being deceased cases that it considers reliable (Status=1) and unreliable (Status=0) matches. Status 0 cases deemed unreliable and false positives (matched NDI records for respondents known to be alive) have been removed from the distribution database.

N: 12214
Product Type: Health Care Information
Entry Cohort Info: HRS; AHEAD; CODA; WB; EBB
Version Notes:

The standard distribution of the National Death Index Cause of Death file does not include day of death. In order to accommodate researchers who require exact death date (MMDDYYYY) for their analysis, the NDI distribution set includes a separate file conntaining month, day and year of death. Researchers who require this data set should request access to it when applying for the Cause of Death file. Once their application is approved, HRS will send the decryption keys for the Exact Date of Death file.

Latest Release: July 2013 (v5.0)

  • The Cross-Year NDI Cause of Death file is not approved for use with any file derived from SSA administrative data
  • This file includes informtion on deaths prior to the end of 2011 for deceased HRS respondents who were matched in the search process. It replaces all previous versions.

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