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Although most HRS datasets are unrestricted and are available to any registered user, other HRS datasets are restricted, and are available only under specific contractual conditions. Restricted datasets that are currently available to qualified researchers are listed on this page. Documentation for these files is available by following the links listed below. Go to the RDA Overview page for information on how to obtain access to HRS restricted data.

There are two methods for accessing HRS restricted data, depending on the data type. Most files are available through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and a streamlined application process. Access to SSA administrative data and CMS research data is more involved; contact HRS for details.

There are a number of restrictions on merging restricted data files with each other. For example, restricted data derived from SSA administrative records may not be merged with geographic information. For details on merge restrictions, please review the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table.

For your convenience, an Order Form for Restricted Data Products is available (pdf format).

HRS Medicaid Analytic Extracts (MAX) and Summary Files (2012) Cross-Reference20132017 (2012)
HRS Medicare Claims and Summary Data (2012) Cross-Reference20112014 (2012)
Geographic Information  
Child ZIP Codes (2004-2014)(Updated for 2014)10492017 (v4.0)
Parent State Codes (1998-2014)(Updated through 2014)10602017 (v3.0)
Cross-Wave Geographic Information (Detail) [1992-2014](Updated for 2014)10432016 (v6.1)
Cross-Wave Geographic Information (State) [1992-2014](Updated for 2014)10132016 (v5.1)
Health Care Information 
Cancer Site(Updated for 2014)10282017 (v6.0)
HRS Contextual Data Resource Series 
USDA Food Access InformationNew!20152017 (1.0)
Industry and Occupation Data(Updated for 2014)10122017 (v4.0.1)
Date of Interview (1992-2014)(Updated for 2014)10222017 (v6.0)
Respondent Date of Birth (1992-2014)(Updated for 2014)10322017 (v6.0)
Exit Date of Death(Updated for 2014)10342017 (v4.0)
Cross-Wave Race and Ethnicity File (2014)(Updated for 2014)10332017 (v5.0)
HRS Survey Part D Information: 2006, 200820022010 (v1.0)
HUMS 2001 Tuition Imputations (Restricted Version)10292005 (v1.0)
Pension Estimation 
Pension Estimation Program Package(Updated)10462016 (v3.1)
Table Data: Pensions in the Health and Retirement Study; A. Gustman, T. Steinmeier, N. Tabatabai20012010 (v1.0)
Pension Document Plan Type 2004-200510412006 (v1.0)
SSA Administrative Data 
Imputation of Lifetime Earnings RecordsNew!20182018 (v1.0)
Cross-Wave Social Security Weights20212016 (v1.1)
Supplemental Security Income [Respondent; Deceased Spouse]10362015 (v4.0)
Deceased Spouse Cross-Year Benefits10532016 (V4.2)
Respondent Cross-Year Benefits10442016 (v4.3)
Respondent Cross-Year Summary Earnings10512014 (v4.0)
Respondent Cross-Year Detail Earnings10522015 (v4.2)
Deceased Spouse Cross-Year Summary Earnings10542015 (V4.0)
Deceased Spouse Cross-Year Detail Earnings10552015 (V4.0)
Form 831 Disability Records [Respondent; Deceased Spouse]20032015 (v4.0)
Prospective Social Security Wealth Measures10452009 (v4.0)
Veterans Affairs (VA) Data 
Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care InformationNew20202016 (1.0)