Papers and Publications

Online Bibliography A dynamic interface to the HRS bibliographic database that allows a variety of searches and queries. A static list of all papers and publications based on HRS data, sorted by category and first-author, is available as a supplement to the online database. You may also wish to search for HRS citations through Google Scholar and other online indexes. Summary tables and graphs of bibliography database contents by workform and content area are also available.
User Guides These documents explain the concepts, measures, and questions in the HRS surveys. They expand upon the information found in codebooks, questionnaires and data descriptions.
PSC Publications Access to Population Studies Center resources on aging.
Conference Proceedings Papers and presentations associated with conferences sponsored by the Health and Retirement Study.
HRS in the News Newspaper stories, magazine articles, and press releases concerning HRS data and findings.
Register Your Paper! Please inform us of your papers and publications based on HRS data.

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