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Module 1: Risk Aversion
This module repeats previous module questions about large risk aversion to be paired with questions about small risk aversion asked in the core.

Module 2: Annuities and Retirement System Knowledge
The sample included respondents who were younger than 65 at the time of interview. Questions are designed to acquire respondents’ knowledge about eligibility requirements for their Social Security benefits based on their own work history, whether the benefits are adjusted for cost of living, and the expected amount of benefits. Respondents are also asked if they would forgo some of their monthly benefits for alternative amounts of lump-sum payment at age 65.

Module 3: Secondary Causes of Disability

Module 4: Asset Ownership

Module 5: Probability Alternative to Bracketing

Module 6: Loneliness, Stress, and Social Support/Burden
This module assesses negative well-being in three of its dimensions. It has twice the sample size of others, hence it also takes the place of module 7. The questions in this module ask about respondents' feelings of loneliness and about the support they receive from their spouse or partner, other household members, and friends.

Module 8: Retirement Planning
Financial Planning for Retirement: The purpose of this module is to find out how respondents are preparing for retirement. Some of the questions in this module are a repeat of the questions in section K of Wave 1.

Module 9: Norms on Transfer Behavior

Module 10: Occupational Health

Module 11: Arthritis and Health Behaviors

Module 12: Cognition
The purpose of this module was to broaden the content domain currently assessed in the HRS to include “fluid intelligence.” The specific purpose was to see if we could achieve reasonably informative test scores by using a small subset of items from the Number Series task adapted from the new WJ III using adaptive testing methodology. More detail about the rationale for, development of, and administration details of this task is available in the HRS/AHEAD Report "Documentation of Cognitive Functioning Measures in the Health and Retirement Study" (DR-006), Ofstedal, Fisher, and Herzog (2005).

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