Restricted Data Overview » HRS - MiCDA Enclave Application Information

Step-By-Step: Accessing HRS restricted data through the MiCDA Enclave Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  1. Review the application checklist
  2. The application should include:
    • Letter from Department chair (Students only)
    • Proof of IRB/human subjects review from the researcher's home institution. Acceptable determinations include: approval; exemption for secondary analysis; not regulated.
    • Research Proposal: Applicants for HRS Restricted Data must provide to HRS staff a short (1-3 page) research proposal, that includes a synopsis (or a full statement, if necessary) of your research goals, and specifies:
      • the types of variables from HRS Restricted Datasets you intend to use in your research; and
      • why you believe the unrestricted versions of those variables, if any, are not adequate for your research purposes.
      For each research project proposed, applicants must provide:
      • Project Title
      • Project Executive Summary (one paragraph abstract of research goals)
      • Study Team Details - for each study team member, defined as anyone who will have access to the restricted data, provide Name, Role on Project, Contact Information (Complete business street address, Email, Telephone)
    • Data order form
    • MiCDA VDI Data Security Plan
    • MICDA Data Enclave Acceptable Use Policy
    • ISR Pledge to Safeguard Respondent Privacy
  3. Accessing restricted data as a visitor to the MiCDA Enclave: Certain data merges can only be performed by visiting the Enclave in person. In addition to the above, visitors to the Enclave should complete the Confidentiality Agreement Restricting Disclosure and Use of Data from the MiCDA Enclave
  4. All MiCDA Enclave visitors who are working with HRS restricted data should read the MiCDA Enclave Export Rules. This document explains the process by which analysis results are made available to researchers.

Please note that a separate, complete application package is required for each participating institution. A single application may include multiple users. The completed application package should be emailed to HRS Restricted Data Applications Processing (