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What's Available (Public) A comprehensive listing of HRS Public and Sensitive Health data products.
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  • Longitudinal Datasets
  • Off-Year Studies
  • Sensitive Health data
Access to Public Data
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  • HRS Public Data
  • Sensitive Health Data (with approved application)
  • HRS Restricted Data (documentation only)
  • Researcher Contributions
  •  RAND  Contributions
Sensitive Health Data The Health and Retirement Study strives to provide high quality data without compromising respondent confidentiality. Since respondent health data records contain particularly sensitive information, such data products are released to researchers who qualify for access only through a supplemental registration system.
Restricted Data HRS Restricted data files contain sensitive respondent information. They are only available under terms of a formal agreement negotiated between the researcher and HRS. Go to the Restricted Data Overview page for an explanation of the application process. You may also wish to review the list of restricted data products and the application materials.
Genetic Data The Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) is a publicly-available resource for genetic research in the behavioral and health sciences.
Family Data HRS collects extensive information on family relationships.The RAND HRS Family data file is a user-friendly version of HRS family data containing a cleaned, processed, and streamlined collection of variables related to the respondent's family. This page also contains reference materials to help with analysis of family data including links to questionnaire areas, codebook content, and relevant documentation.
Redistribution Third Party Redistribution Policy: Information for organizations interested in redistributing or archiving HRS data products.

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