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Correction - Data Description - Basic Demographic Variables - Marital Status - New Widows

1995 AHEAD (Wave 2) Core Final V2.0


For the respondent's current marital status, use D256, MARRIAGE STATUS, or D674, A21. R MARITAL STATUS; do not use D375, R MARITAL STAT. D256 and D674, which have identical values, identify 288 new widows.

Corrected text appears below. A revised data description incorporating the changes has been created.

	8A.	Basic Demographic Variables

	We have included many variables in the preload and coversheet sections because
	they determine the flow of the subsequent interview.  Some of these variables
	were updated by information obtained later in the interview.  We have noted this
	by including "UPDATED" in the label.  However, all this can become confusing.
	In addition to the "A" variables listed above, Variables with Alternative Format,
	we recommend you use these variables for your analysis.  Note that D256 and D674
	have identical values.

	D257     NEW SP COUPLENESS                            A95CS_R
	D374     R SEX                                        A95CS_R

	D256     MARRIAGE STATUS                              A95CS_R
	D674     A21. R MARITAL STATUS                        A95A_R