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This documentation resource lets researchers scan the metadata of publicly released HRS datasets in order to find information that may be of use in analysis efforts. The Concordance covers the biennial HRS datasets collected during the period 1992 through 2014 that are available to the public. It contains one record for each of the questions represented by one or more variables in a specified public file. Concordance records are linked over time only in that they have have the same base variable name, have keywords in common, or appear in the same section over muntiple years.

To assist in efficient use of the Concordance, researchers may wish to review the User Notes page, which contains category coding information, section definitions, hints on how to formulate search queries, and retrieval/display recommendations.

Not all questions are repeated for each wave; certain questions are only asked of respondents every second, third, or fourth wave. Visit the Alternate Wave Questions Master Chart for further information.

The Center for Global Aging Research at the University of Southern California has developed the Gateway to Global Aging Data, a search engine for finding comparable questions and identically defined variables across surveys. Visit this site for information on using HRS data in conjunction with other studies in the HRS family.

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1992 (HRS 1) 1993 (AHEAD 1) 1994 (HRS 2) 1995 (AHEAD 2) Core 1995 (AHEAD 2) Exit
1996 (HRS 3) Core 1996 (HRS 3) Exit 1998 Core 1998 Exit 2000 Core
2000 Exit 2002 Core 2002 Exit 2004 Core 2004 Exit
2006 Core 2006 Exit 2008 Core 2008 Exit 2010 Core
2010 Exit 2012 Core 2012 Exit 2014 Core 2014 Exit

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  Family Financial Health
  Child Information
  Family Structure
  Grandchild Information
  Helper Information
  Household Information
  Parent Information
  Sibling Information
Assets and Income
Capital Gains
Net Worth
Consumption and Savings
Lump Sum Payments
Social Security
Veteran's Benefits

End of Life Decisions
Health and Life Insurance
Health Care
Health Status
Medicare and Medicaid
  Interview Information Labor Force Other  
  Respondent Information
  Interview Administration
  Proxy Self
Current Employment
Job History
Last Job
Retirement Plans
Benevolence and Obligation
Disability Vignettes
Event History
Internet Use
Process Benefits
Risk Taking
Security and Safety
Time Use

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